Yoga & Community

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

The importance of community and human connections is sometimes undervalued in an increasingly individualized society with focus on independence. But to be independent is in my opinion not in any way contradictory to community, these are two aspects that can perfectly coexist, I even feel that a strong community can increase your independence. Whatever you bring of knowledge or value into a community will increase every individual’s knowledge, as others knowledge will increase yours. Not to mention, the support of goals and every person’s unique desires. With a strong support system behind you, it is always easier to go the path that you really want to go, even if it seems uncertain. A community is a force helping to ensure the wellbeing of each individual. How beautiful is the human connections that helps us to be the best version of ourselves, that gives you the courage to dare to be the unique extraordinary person that you are, to find that fire within, and follow it. Let us all dare to meet people with an open mind and heart, to welcome new human connections into our lives.

Yoga has a way to bring people together. There is something very special when sharing yoga together in a group of people. Even though an individual practice on separate mats, the energy shared in the room is something unique. Creating peace, tranquility and serenity together, something that can be felt on the outside, but are created by working on our inside, opening up our hearts. I seriously think that if everyone in this world started doing yoga, it would be the start of the path towards world peace.

When talking to many of our guests and other people that our path cross with, I feel more and more that a lot of people reach out to yoga not only for the practice, but for the human connections as well. If you move to somewhere new, as a grown up, how can you connect to people? Many ask me this, and especially foreigners moving to Norway. In Norwegian culture I feel we are obsessed by the image of independence and the idea that you should be able to do everything on your own. A country where the people are very reserved, and a lot of life is now happening inside the home, it makes it hard to meet and connect to new people, to feel that you are a part of a community. I know for myself, even though Norwegian, I would for sure not have made so many new connections in adult age if it wasn't for the yoga. It has connected me to so many beautiful people, not only in Norway after moving back for parts of the year, but all around the world. It is such a beautiful world community.

Whatever interest you have and whatever life you are leading, the sense of belonging, to be a part of an inclusive environment where you can thrive is an important part of inner peace and wellbeing. Being part of a community can open up opportunities for personal growth, knowing that you have security can help you challenge yourself, go outside your comfort zone and explore new aspects of your existence. Remember this also when you meet other people, remember when you see someone that seems lonely or in need of a community. Every single connection can enrich your life. 


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