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Retreat Center Norway 

Welcome to Hagabrekka Wanderland

Sustainable glamping in the untouched Norwegian nature

Do you want to bring your students away from the stress of daily life? Turn off the screen and turn on life! Welcome to our little off grid retreat center in Flatdal. Here you wake up with a view of Skorvefjell, surrounded by the beautiful, magnificent Norwegian nature, your alarm clock is the nearby waterfall and birds chirping. The perfect atmosphere for your retreat, surrounded by peaceful nature, fresh air and tranquility. Our only goal is to make your retreat as magical as possible, offering the experience of exploring nature and enjoy healthy, yummy, plant-based meals. We welcome you to a simple lifestyle close to nature. Let go of everyday stress and only focus on sharing your knowledge, the present and good experiences.

Hagabrekka Wanderland - Facilities

At Hagabrekka Wanderland you are far away from everything, completely ‘off grid’ with electricity from the sun and water from the nearest stream. We grow parts of our own vegetables, and have a big focus on sustainable lifestyle. Here you have the opportunity to disconnect from screentime and the hassle of social media that is taking over, and reconnect to nature and the present moment. We have 4 glamping tents with the possibility of 4 beds in each tent (sheets and towels included). We also have 4 hammocks in our little hammock forest, with mosquito nets and tarps, as well as 3 tree tents in the hilltop behind the property (for these options you have to bring your own sleeping bag).

The yoga shala is uniquely built with wood from the property and offers a stunning view of the valley. It is 50 square meters and is suitable for 12 people, quality yoga props and mats are available for you to use. We have a traditional ‘Gapahuk’ in the forest, a structure made out of fallen trees and spruces and needle branches which is overlooking the forest. This space is perfect for your meditation, breath work or any ceremonies or other activities. There is a big parking lots on the property and only 2 hours’ drive to Oslo. For public transportation there is a direct bus (NOR-WAY bus express) from ‘Oslo bus terminal’ to ‘Århus Knutepunkt’ which takes 2,5 hours. ‘Århus Knutepunkt’ is about 10 km from the property, we can assist in transportation from the bus stop to the property.

Remember that this is a small paradise away from pretty much everything, which means a very simple lifestyle. The materialistic luxuries that you are used to in your daily life is non existing here. We don’t have electricity or WIFI, no running water, only composting toilets and manual pump shower where you have to boil water if you want a warm shower. You are outside in nature with all the other creatures that are sharing the space with us, this means you will encounter spiders, frogs, maybe an occasional snake. This being said, we have experienced that people are very satisfied, even though maybe being outside of their comfort zone. We can see that people are letting go of stress and worries, and are finding peace and joy in the simplicity and the profound connection to the surrounding nature.

About Flatdal and activities in the area

Hagabrekka Wanderland is located in Flatdal, a small village in Seljord municipality which is known as an artist's paradise. Beautiful views of the large mountains that frame the u - formed valley provide a great reflection of the fantastic nature and landscape Norway has to offer. 25 min walking through the forest will take you to nearest shop and the village of Flatdal. A small village with only 400 inhabitants, they have through the spirit of community build up a wonderful area for different sports as well as a small beach by the river. Close to the property there is also an establish bicycle route that takes you through beautiful landscapes and villages, passing by art installations in the area.

A hiker’s paradise

If you want to bring your group for some nature experiences there is many beautiful hikes starting right from the property. Mindful forest walks to a nearby waterfall, viewpoint to the valley or ‘kyrkjeskogen rundt’ a DNT route is shorter walks that can complement your program. If you want longer day hikes you can start the hike to ‘Bindingsnuten’ straight from your tent, or the more challenging hike to the peak ‘hestnuten’ on 1271 meters. After an hour drive you can also find yourself in the starting point to ‘Gaustatoppen’, the highest peak in the area with a mind-blowing view to 1/6th of Norway. Rauland with its many hikes are an hour away and within 15 min you will reach the lake of Seljord which offer beautiful beaches. Hagabrekka Wanderland is stunningly located between three high mountains; Mæle mountain, Li Mountain and Skorve Mountain. Sabin, one of the founders, is a certified mountain guide from Nepal and will lead you on the paths to many beautiful spots in the area. If you would like to challenge your students with a Via Ferrata, we also offer guided tours on ‘Via ferrata Telemark’ in Fyresdal for an extra cost.

Art, culture & workshops

You will find several art galleries and art installations in the area. A 20 min walk will take you to the new viewpoint of Flatdal that frames the view of the valley that attracted many artists from Norway to travel here. 15 min walk from the property you will find the old guesthouse ‘Nutheim Gjestegiveri’ which displays the traditional architecture of Norway and is a hub for Norwegian artists. The festival ‘Dyrskun’ is taking place in Seljord, 15 min drive away, where thousands of people gather every year. If you wish to add to your program we offer workshops in plant-based cooking, macramé and other art classes, Thai yoga massage as well as yoga classes (asana / pranayama / meditation).

Meals – a part of the experience

Healthy plant-based meals that will nourish both your senses and your body will make the experience complete. We focus on local, organic ingredients that will offer new flavors every day. Some of the vegetables will come straight from our organic vegetable garden as well as wild harvest form the surrounding forest. Depending on the number of participants and your program we can offer breakfast buffet, packed lunch for the day’s activities and dinner followed by dessert around the bonfire. All meals are served with aromatic coolers or herbal teas. We can accommodate for allergies if we are notified in advance.

All the meals are shared around a long table in the garden with a view to the mountains. In case of rain we have big parasols, or the possibility to eat in the yoga shala. Then we provide a low table and pillows on the floor.

Host your retreat in beautiful Nepal

Welcome to the home of ancient vedic philosophy and the highest mountain range in the world, Himalayas

Did you ever dream of seeing the magnificence of the Himalayan range with your own eyes? Sharing yoga in a space the have an ancient history of the development of yoga itself? Feeling the energy and the overwhelming beauty of the mountains? Getting close to extraordinary wildlife, experiencing rhinos, elephants, crocs, deer, maybe even tiger? Bringing your own group into new beautiful locations out in nature every day?

Welcome to Nepal 🙏😃 Where the mountains disappear in the sky and the hospitality is warm, where the colorful culture mesmerizes you with all its beauty and the peoples genuine smile will touch your heart. Nepal is a country with an ancient history of yoga and Vedic philosophy, it offers a unique relationship to mother nature, incredible views and a slow pace of life. We want to show you the heart and soul of the Himalayas and Nepali culture. We want to take you off the beaten track and show you the authentic culture, the heartwarming hospitality and the rugged magnificence off the Himalayas

Custom made for your group

We custom make a route that suits your ideas of your retreat regarding length, places and activities to experience as well as budget. We help you from the start of your plan to your dream becomes reality. We are here to make you offer a unique retreat experience to your students. We are happy to suggest the places we love the most, or arrange if there is a certain area you would like to travel.

A diversity of places to explore

Nepal offers not only magnificent views but a lot of diversity. Aiming to show you not only mountains as Nepal is mostly known for, but also other treasures that Nepal has to offer; jungle, village life, city, lakes, spirituality and the hospitality of Nepali people.

Kathmandu is the capital and the biggest city of Nepal. In spite of the chaotic infrastructure Kathmandu has a lot of beautiful architecture, important pilgrimage sights, lots of ancient knowledge and so many of UNESCOs world heritage sights.

Langtang national park is located north of Kathmandu valley, bordering Tibet, it was the first Himalayan national park of Nepal. Langtang is rich in breathtaking views, alpine forest and traditional culture. The variety of climate zones that are found within the park allows you to experience subtropical forest to rough rugged landscapes. wedged between 6000 - 7000 meters high peaks. It is a less visited area so it offers a gentle pace and authentic culture with heartwarming hospitality among stunning views.

Chitwan national park is known for its biodiversity. Its dense forests and grassy plains are home to rare mammals like one-horned rhinos, sloth bear, leopards, deer, wild boar, Bengal tigers and more. The park shelters numerous bird species, including the giant hornbill. Dugout canoes traverse the northern Rapti River, home to crocodiles.

Bandipur is a hilltop village settlement, a Newar town with its age-old flavor still intact, known as Queen of hills due to its beautiful natural environment and cultural heritage. The well-preserved village of Bandipur invites travelers to experience its unique offerings: rich hill culture with mountain views.

Pokhara, the city of lakes, is the second largest city of Nepal, and offer a beautiful view of the Annapurna Mountain range. In spite of its size, it feels like a village when staying by Fewa lake, with the sun setting over the lake and your chilling in a tiny café watching the dogs playing and cows walking around.


For more information or if you would like to schedule a visit to see Hagabrekka Wanderland or would like more about Nepal journeys you can reach us on mail: or phone: (+47) 476 45 759 – Marita Liverød. When not reachable through phone, use WhatsApp as I spend a lot of time abroad in off season. To see more pictures check out our Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE 🙏

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