Wanderlust YOGA

For all yoga- and naturelovers out there!


Is to live in coherence with nature, creating and sharing happiness as well as our passion for yoga and the environment. We have a holistic approach towards sustainability, perceiving it as a belief system integrating all aspects of life. Yoga is not merely a practice but a way of living and a toolbox to create the life you want. We are offering learning experiences, retreats, journeys and adventures, that we hope not only will give new experiences and perception to people, but also support them in their journey of creating a happy, fulfilling, peaceful existence.

Wanderlust Yoga Products

The nature provides - Using Hemp, cotton, buckwheat, and lokta that are natural to the Himalayas we have created every product for you to feel comforted in your practice with the knowledge that your products are made sustainable, natural, providing good working conditions for the local people of Nepal.
Nature friendly products for yoga and more

Product line ~ Natural and handmade with environmental consciousness