About us

We are a small company driven by our love and passion for the nature and the yogic lifestyle.  We offer a range of products to support your yoga practice, all natural, environment friendly with focus on quality, and awareness on all aspects of production. Using Hemp, cotton, buckwheat, and lokta that are natural to the Himalayas we have created every product for you to feel comforted in your practice with the knowledge that your products are made sustainable, natural, providing good working conditions for the local people of Nepal.

Marita Liverød

Marita is the owner, founder and developer of Wanderlust Yoga Norge. She started with a vision to create quality products for likeminded environmental aware yogis, which appreciates the unique instead of the mass produced. Marita grew up in Norway but has for the last 11 years been studying, traveling and worked around the world, with the aim of learning something new every day, widening her life perspective.  Marita has a bachelor’s degree in intercultural communication and a masters in sustainable development. She has 900 hours advanced yoga teacher training from India and Nepal. Her first TTC was in 2013, and she has since then participated in a lot of courses regarding yoga, Ayurveda, meditation etc. Teaching yoga across the world for the last couple of years she is now combining her two big passions; yoga and environmental awareness. Living partly in Norway and partially in Nepal, she is working as a yoga teacher, arranging yoga treks in the Himalayas as well as continually working on Wanderlust Yoga product line. 

Sabin Shrestha

Sabin founded Wanderlust Yoga together with Marita and is the owner of Wanderlust Yoga Nepal. From the start they have worked together developing the product series. As a yoga teacher and mountain guide he has a big drive to show the treasures of the Himalayas to the world; hemp, lokta and buckwheat providing unique products to other yogis. Sabin studied IT at university, but soon discovered that he was searching for a life with more meaning, peace, and mindfulness connected to nature. As he was running his guesthouse/restaurant in Pokhara he discovered yoga and the amazing peace and challenge that is found in the Himalayas. Sabin grew up in Nepal, but has travelled in Europe and Asia, giving him a deeper understanding of people’s different values, need and the importance of quality. Growing up in a country where Hinduism and Buddhism is a part of the culture, he has a deeper understanding of aspects today very present and essential in yoga. Sabin is the son of Sharada Shrestha, which is our big idol and partner in Nepal; producing everything from backpacks to yoga belts. 

Meet Sharada - The grunder and our main partner in Nepal

Sharada started her company in 1988. Beginning small by assembling one single piece of clothes, to small orders within Kathmandu, then little by little growing bigger. Today she exports to India, and are now cooperating with us in Wanderlust Yoga. We are working together to fill the needs of environmental conscious nature lovers out there. 

Sharada grew up in Kathmandu, and worked as a newspaper delivery from young age. She studied home science and learned how to saw. After this she started her studies at the university of Kathmandu at the same time as she started her own little company. She got married in 1986, and it did not take long before the first child was on its way. The little company she started soon became a full-time job, and a pregnant Sharada quit her studies before completing to take care of her business and family. She gave birth to a son and eventually a daughter while continuously working on her company, and supporting her family the last decades. Sharada always says that everyone working for her is family, she is not only giving them comfortable, good working conditions, but make sure that they all have full belly’s, big smiles and lots of laughter every day. Her factory is on the ground floor, and you find her own home the floor over, another floor up is her husband’s brother with children and grandchildren and another floor you find the grandfather of the family. Sharadas big heart and loving being is as contagious as her laughter, and we are grateful and proud of the cooperation and partnership we have with this hard working will powered woman.